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All are invited to participate in a large selection process.

Paulo Nogueira
28-03-2018 11:58:59
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Caraíba S/A informs that its operations will increase in the coming years and opens an official selection process published on its official portals.

Mineração Caraíba S/A is a copper mining company that emerged in 1979, in northeast Bahia, Pilar District, Jaguarari municipality. It started its activities with a single open pit mine, which then began to operate simultaneously with the underground mine. In addition to this mine, she fears the Surubim mine in her portfolio, as well as other projects in the region, such as Suçuarana, Angicos, Vermelhos and Terra do Sal. In 2016, MCSA was acquired by Ero Copper Corporation. Today it has two copper mines in operation, in addition to a mine in the start-up phase.

The company informs that for the coming months, there is a forecast of significant growth, so it has the following open positions:


  • blasters
  • Specialized Industrial Electrician
  • Electronics Technicians
  • Industrial mechanic
  • truck drivers
  • Equipment Operator


  • Maintenance technician
  • Surveying Technician
  • Mining technician
  • Occupational Safety Technicians
  • Environmental Technicians
  • Operation Supervisor

Interested parties should send their CVs by April 6 to the e-mail recruitment@minacaraiba.com and in the subject field, specify the job title and your current city of residence. If you want to have a better overview of all the vacancies available, check out the company's original post below, share it with those who need it if you don't fit in them. Check out the vacancies that Ocyan opened today also here.

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