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Aker Solutions reveals details about hiring and expectations for Macaé

Paulo Nogueira
23-05-2018 16:37:02
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Aker Solutions Macaé offshore Petrobras

The legal director of Aker Solutions do Brasil records an encouraging video informing the company's new phase in offshore activities in the municipality and the expectation of jobs in the city

Norwegian Aker Solutions was one of the highlights of this week when it got the signature of the mayor of the city of Macaé for its newest installation on the 18th (Friday), called the Center of Excellence, which will be a kind of factory for construction and assemblies, whose objective is to meet the new Petrobras contract recently signed. On the second (22) the permit was also signed. The director of Aker Brasil, José Augusto Adami, recorded a video informing about the new expectations for Macaé and the oil and gas market, watch:

Video transcript

Aker Solutions is bringing its services division to Macaé in order to attend to the maintenance of platforms with Petrobras contracts, in the Campos Basin and in the Santos pre-salt. In terms of jobs and values, Adami reveals that there is already a signed contract that will represent approximately 200 jobs in the coming weeks and over the years, the goal is to reach 1000 direct vacancies in its branch in Macaé, this of course following the growth of the industry, which exponentially could be much bigger than that.

Asked by journalists when this project will go ahead, he lets out a strong “THIS STARTS NOW”, since the first contract has already been signed with the state-owned company and there are expectations of more contracts in the coming months for other operators in the field. With the environmental license in hand, which was quickly obtained with a joint effort between the city hall and the city's Environment Secretary, Aker started its operations effectively, turning the eyes of the world and the offshore agas to Macaé.”

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