Agrishow 2022 Brasil organizes one of the largest agribusiness fairs in the world. Know the main details about this event.

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Agrishow 2022 marks the return of the n1 face-to-face event for agribusiness, with a program highlighting innovation and technology. Check out more!

Agrishow 2022 is, without a doubt, one of the most interesting face-to-face events of 2022, bringing the main innovations in technology and business to agribusiness.

The fair is taking place from April 5th to 29th, in Ribeirão Preto-SP and is a mandatory stop for farmers and entrepreneurs interested in the field. Check out more details and information about this fair, in addition to the main attractions.

Who will be present at Agrishow 2022?

Agrishow 2022 has been bringing several news to the market, in addition to many opportunities for those who want to learn, discover new products and the news that may be in the field much sooner than you believe!

The most interesting thing about this fair is that it brings information and attractions for all profiles of farmers. From a small family farmer to large farms, ranchers and those looking to profit from alternative forms of farming such as precision farming.

In addition, there is also a lot of information on other relevant areas such as construction, PPE and agricultural vehicles.

For those who are going to do business with small and medium-sized farmers, Agrishow has an interesting advantage, as 40% of the public is made up of small and medium-sized farmers, being one of the great moments to reach this audience efficiently.

As it could not be otherwise, Agrishow 2022 is being marked by a lot of information being disseminated about the new technologies that can start to be applied in the field.

You will see the demonstration in the open field, for example, of autonomous trucks, running in a specialized arena, in addition to the use of drones for various moments of agriculture, which will become a fundamental part of the future of the agro market.

Along with this, you will also get to know different proposals for modernizing the field, brought to farmers by a selection of startups and other technology companies, which bring proposals to optimize from sowing to harvesting.

Another area that farmers cannot miss at the Agrishow 2022 Knowledge Arena you will have access to several lectures, roundtable meetings and the like, which will help you to position yourself for the next challenges of agriculture, in addition to exchanging ideas about solutions that are already bringing results to other agricultural entrepreneurs.

Female participation within the Agro market has become increasingly important and interesting, and it is still celebrated at this fair! They have an exclusive space at the fair, with lectures and meetings focused on their specific challenges within the market.

In other words, for those who want innovation, see friends in the market and still take the opportunity to learn more about the history of tractors and much more, Agrishow 2022 has everything!

Tractors, news and many businesses, Agrishow is considered the biggest event in agribusiness. Image source: Creator channel

How do I go to this fair?

If you want to enjoy Agrishow 2022, know that it is still possible!

You can buy discounted tickets online, through the website, or buy your ticket directly at the box office.

As far as we have been informed, none of the activities mentioned require additional payment, so when you buy your ticket, you will have access to all areas of the fair. You will also have the “train” for transport between the various areas of the fair.

Remembering that there is parking and a complete food structure, with several restaurants and various food trucks, so you can visit the fair with complete peace of mind and delight in different types of delicacies.

An important detail is that, as it is a business fair, agrishow does not allow you to enter the fair in flip-flops, shorts or tank tops, and you are also not allowed to enter with weapons and sharp objects, such as knives, stilettos and compasses.

Buy your ticket at official site!

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