After the granting of the IBAMA Operating License, PetroRio will start drilling new wells

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The drilling of new PetroRio wells will take place in Campo de Frade, in the Campos Basin. The company is offering job vacancies in the state of Rio de Janeiro

On April 26th, PetroRio obtained the Operating License, granted by the Brazilian Institute for the Environment (Ibama) for the drilling of new wells in the Frade field, located in the Campos Basin. After the Ibama concession, PetroRio, which is offering several job openings in Rio de Janeiro, mobilized the Norbe VI rig, from Ocyan, to start the revitalization of the field in the coming days.

About PetroRio's new well drilling project

Roberto Monteiro, CEO of PetroRio, recently informed that the drilling campaign of new wells in the Frade field will receive US$ 210 million in investments. In the first stage of the Campo de Frade revitalization project, three wells will be drilled, one producing well and two injection wells. In the next phase, which has no date, three new wells should be drilled.

In the future, PetroRio intends to connect the Wahoo field, also in Campos Basin, to the Frade FPSO. Therefore, PetroRio will form another production cluster, sharing the entire infrastructure with the Frade field, in the same way as was done in Tubarão Martelo and Polvo.

Also check the available job vacancies in the company

Accounting analyst: In this job vacancy, the professional will be responsible for carrying out the activities of analysis, reconciliation, accounting and routines of the monthly accounting closing; support the consolidation and preparation of internal and external periodic reports; support the other departments of the Company; attend to external and internal audits; meet the demands of other supervisory and regulatory bodies.

Administrative Coordinator: In this job vacancy, the professional will be responsible for coordinating the preventive and corrective maintenance of the office; ensure the cleanliness of all corporate environments; support the organization of events within the company; plan deliveries so as not to impact the daily lives of employees; coordinate the facilities, administrative, cleaning, pantry, secretarial and reception team; coordinate area indicators and report to the board; manage budget and suppliers in the Administrative area, among other functions.

Maintenance Engineer: In this job vacancy, the professional will be responsible for participating in strategic projects, managing maintenance demands, such as development of project philosophies and memorials, analysis of technical proposals, approval of engineering documentation, activity planning, definition of schedules, management delivery of materials and documents, monitoring of key suppliers; technically validate purchase requests and proposals; manage MOCs and non-conformities in the company's management tool; manage the maintenance strategy and propose optimizations and improvements; responsible for asset maintenance KPIs; carry out sporadic shipments to monitor projects; follow up audits with regulatory bodies; train and disseminate knowledge in SAP operations, among other functions.

Specialist in incentivized projects and sponsorships: In this job vacancy, the professional will be responsible for developing corporate policies for social and cultural investments; structuring the area of incentivized projects at PRIO; manage and monitor sponsored projects; to elaborate and produce draft incentive laws; planning in the use of incentive laws; structuring the corporate sponsorship policy; mapping of incentive laws, among other functions.

Petrophysicist - PJ Consultant: In this job vacancy, the professional will be responsible for creating the necessary logging plan for the evaluation of wells and monitoring the drilling, completion and interventions operations; oversee logging operations and evaluate results in accordance with proposed standards and objectives; provide high quality petrophysical studies using deterministic and probabilistic methodologies to provide the necessary inputs for static and dynamic models and development plans; manage the petrophysical database and quality control of petrophysical data; document operational records and assessments; distribute petrophysical data and interpretations internally and externally to partners and authorities as needed, among other functions.

If you wish to apply for any of PetroRio's job openings in the state of Rio de Janeiro, just click on the position of interest above, and you will be directed to the PetroRio website.

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