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Accident in Campos Basin forces Petrobras to disembark 9 people

Paulo Nogueira
03-04-2018 08:01:54
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Accident in Campos Basin forces Petrobras to disembark 9 people

The accident occurred on the PLSV Skandi Vitória vessel, owned by Technip in the service of Petrobras in the Campos Basin

In the early hours of last Friday (30), the Petrobras landed in a hurry 9 employees of the PLSV Skandi Vitória vessel of the Technip company due to the accident of rupture of a gas pipeline, this accident happened during one of the rig's operations. The state-owned company reported that there were no injuries and so far, Skandi is carrying out its activities normally. Only 2 workers who felt respiratory discomfort were taken by helicopter to a hospital in Rio de Janeiro, the others did not show symptoms, even so they were disembarked for more detailed evaluations at the same hospital.

This vessel was the first line launcher built in Brazil in 2010 at the STX shipyard. Its main operational equipment aggregates 2 ROV's and has the capacity to launch horizontal and vertical lines, in addition to a crane that can withstand up to 250 tons of individual load. If you want to send her CVs, we have an email list of companies accessing the article here, you should search for DOF company, since she is responsible for this vessel.

Do you remember the case of the sailor Francisco das Chagas Oliveira da Silva, who ended up falling off a Bravante vessel that provides services to Petrobras? Well, he has not been found until today. There is no need to say this, but it doesn't hurt to remember that the offshore environment is one of the most dangerous and unhealthy there is to work, so remember the responsibility and don't forget that there are people who love you waiting and counting on you on land.

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