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PETROENG is hiring for works in Petrochemicals in Rio de Janeiro

Paulo Nogueira
07-03-2018 19:58:01
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Petrochemicals in Rio de Janeiro

There are many professionals for confirmed industrial works. Check the audio of the call and know the details of Petroquímica's contracts

works in petrochemical confirmed and Petroeng is in charge of hiring. It has not yet been revealed which complex it is, but we have a brief idea, but to avoid unnecessary fanfare, we prefer to limit ourselves to the vacancies in question. Below, you will be able to confirm the audio of the call we made to resolve any doubts as to the veracity of the matter. Follow it below:

Listen to the confirmation call of the works

how to apply

THE Petroeng it is selecting for immediate hiring, in the state of rio de janeiro, professionals with at least 3 years of experience in the chemical, petrochemical and/or oil industries, in the following areas:

• MAINTENANCE AND INDUSTRIAL WORKS – Support in Management, Inspection, Geotechnics and Inspection.
• PLANNING AND INDUSTRIAL PROJECTS – Support in Management, Inspection, Planning and projects.
• ENVIRONMENT and SGI – Support in Management, inspection, operational safety and emergencies.
• LABORATORY – Management Support.

REQUIREMENTS: Technical or higher education in the area of engineering with CREA. BENEFITS: Medical and dental assistance for the holder and dependents, food and transportation. Interested candidates should send their CVs to the email: adm.tecam@petroeng.com.br. Kindly put in the subject of the e-mail: AREA OF OPERATION – TRAINING – TIME OF EXPERIENCE. The question that remains is: will you be prepared for this moment? Have you been studying English and have you already entered your technical courses? If you haven't already, CLICK HERE, WE'LL PROVIDE THE SOLUTION TO YOUR PROBLEMS NOW!

Petroeng is a medium-sized engineering company, which operates in several segments such as projects, management, planning and assistance for industrial assemblies, from basic design to start-up. It has a qualified technical team with experience in several small, medium and large enterprises, whether in the
petrochemical, chemical, petroleum and food.

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