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Petrobras is invited by Ceará to build a refinery in the state in partnership with China

Paulo Nogueira
21-04-2017 21:04:03
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Petrobras is invited by Ceará to build a refinery in the state in partnership with China

THE Petrobras must resume projects  for the construction of a fossil fuel refinery in Ceará. The invitation was made by the current governor of the state, Camilo Santana, as the state-owned company holds previous studies in the region. The installation of this project is called Premium II, conceived exclusively for the Pacém Industrial and Port Complex (CIPP), which was declined in 2015 for reasons of crisis. All the documentation, especially the project's licensing emissions that are already in Petrobras' possession, will advance the process by at least 2 years with the construction of the complex, as a result of much conversation between state agencies and the China Guangdong Zherong Energy Corporation. .

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According to the governor, they have been working hard for more than 2 years with the Chinese for this refinery. He himself went to Petrobras to ask Pedro Parente to release the technical studies so that the Chinese company could resume the work in the region. Camilo proposed that in exchange for this release, Petrobras could enter as a partner, and it was not that she even accepted to study the partnership proposal! Deal closed and everyone signed the technical cooperation agreement. This process involved Banco do Brasil and FIEC (Federation of Industries of the State of Ceará).

Camilo said at the same signing event that the executive welcomed the proposal and that he was willing to set an agenda between Petrobras' technical staff and Guangdong Zherong Energy's executives as soon as possible. Cesar Ribeiro, who is responsible for BR's Secretariat for Economic Development (SDE), said that the negotiations proved to be very promising.

As Petrobras' objective at the moment is oil production, getting rid of economically unviable assets and participating as little as possible in ongoing activities, this project would be ideal for this purpose. The refinery will be inside the Export Processing Zone, which greatly increases the export potential of the enterprise.

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