Start 9th edition of Solve For Tomorrow in Brazil is open for registration by Samsung

9th edition of Solve For Tomorrow in Brazil is open for registration by Samsung

April 29, 2022 9:50 am to 9:50 am
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9th edition of Solve For Tomorrow in Brazil is open for registration by Samsung - Source: Canvas
9th edition of Solve For Tomorrow in Brazil is open for registration by Samsung – Source: Canvas

the 9th Brazilian edition of Solve For Tomorrow You already have your subscriptions open by Samsung. The objective of the program is to encourage private and public institutions to develop technology and science for a more automated and productive world. One of the requirements for the project to be able to participate in the award is that it is using STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics).

The launch of the new edition of the program would have been carried out by Fraberace, through his Youtube channel, around 7 pm, on April 25th. In short, the brand that nowadays is one of the biggest producers of telephone and scientific development from all over América Larina, it has already involved more than 160 thousand students in its projects and has intense inclusion.  

Altogether, it is estimated that the project had the participation of about 461 public schools, while more than 2,300 teachers have registered with their students.  Topics focused on urban and rural infrastructure were among the most discussed. 

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Discover the exciting story of Marina, who has already participated in the program 

Marina is one of the students who gets emotional when remembering that she was already part of the program, which was created by Samsung, to stimulate scientific research and development. Watch the video above or go to Youtube.

Who won the Samsung program during previous editions? Projects show that Brazilians were creative, but lack of incentive

During the previous edition, the winning team was located at the State School Professor Sebastião de Oliveira Rocha, which is located in the countryside of São Carlos. The team's project aimed to make use of food leftovers to produce a type of biogas, which could be used in homes throughout Brazil. The equipment created would have the purpose of accelerating the decomposition procedures of the materials and making it have a lower production cost. 

The equipment created by the team was called a bioconductor and aimed to accelerate the decomposition of molecules. The team also brought the development of an application that would help school lunches to calculate the amount of food that should be made according to the number of students. In this way, food wastage could be avoided.

See when the entire event schedule is scheduled to take place and don't miss any dates

between the days of April 25th to June 30th, registration is scheduled to take place. Enrolled teams must have all the support necessary for the creation of projects through Webinars. From the 1st of July to the 3rd of August, Samsung teams are expected to carry out project analysis for determine which ones to submit. 

 On the 4th of August, the finalists will be announced, while between the 5th of August and the 30th of the same month, the 20 semi-finalists will have to fill out a form explaining better how the respect should be and from what financial sources the same. should come.  

From the 7th to the 19th of October, the mentoring of the popular jury is scheduled to take place, which will determine which were the preferred projects so that on the 27th of October the ceremony to announce the National Winners and the Popular Jury and Awards will take place.

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