Start 94% from Campos Basin won at Auctions: Watch the video because we are back

94% from Campos Basin won at Auctions: Watch the video because we are back

March 31, 2018 8:28 am to 08:28
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With a very fierce dispute between the oil giants when realizing the potential of the Campos Basin, job creation and investments for the state of Rio are guaranteed

The Campos Basin gained brutal prominence in the 15th round of oil auctions that took place in Rio de Janeiro on March 29. A colossal 94% were collected in auctions in this sedimentary basin by large companies such as Petrobras, ExxonMobil and Statoil, bringing the hope of better days as income-generating jobs for the state of Rio de Janeiro.

But when we say “State of Rio de Janeiro” when it comes to the Campos Basin, we are actually talking about Macaé, Campos dos Goytacazes and other municipalities in the lakes region and north of Rio de Janeiro, remembering that all logistical, operational and technological infrastructure has already are in this region and Macaé is the most important of them, according to Petrobras said at an event that took place in the city a few days ago, as you can check in the Matter. Watch the Video just below Bom dia Rio that covered the auction.

Why has the Campos Basin gained so much prominence?

It turns out that the companies that managed to buy these blocks will already get a geological-seismic study ready, there are already wells, platforms, pipelines and another series of infrastructure ready that allows companies to save at unimaginable levels, and the watchword nowadays it is “saving money” in the face of the current world oil crisis. In addition, the main producing municipalities now have lower royalties, enabling the installation and contracting of many outsourced companies, including some are already hiring.

This step is flowing like waiting, now another goal that is being worked on and there are people and entities running after to try to recover is also the naval sector. There are some obstacles with regard to REPETRO, to also try to reduce taxes for companies to re-build vessels in Brazil. So, do you think there is still the possibility of retaking this beautiful sector that has brought so much happiness to the Brazilian people for many years? Leave your comments below.

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