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8 Industrial Painter jobs in Macaé

Paulo Nogueira
12-04-2018 18:58:48
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8 Industrial Painter jobs in Macaé

At the request of a contractor, those who are qualified as painters can have a chance to enter the oil and gas market, even without experience in the portfolio.

If you are an Industrial Painter and live in the city of Macaé, you may have a good chance of getting a job in the city where there are more activities in the oil and gas sector in Brazil today. The tip was given directly by a page follower who works in one of these companies and ended up passing it on to our team. But before proceeding, we just want to remind you that there are other companies in the industrial sector hiring for the maintenance area, even paying housing for outsiders, see the article here.

Requirements for the Position of Painter

  • First of all, professionals must religiously be residents of Macaé, this is non-negotiable
  • Industrial Painting Course is a mandatory requirement, no matter which school I go to, as long as it is recognized
  • Those who have NR's and complementary courses onshore or offshore, will be a deferential, but it is not eliminatory, so they can apply with peace of mind

Interested parties send their resumes to recrutamentocjsoffshore@gmail.com, informing the name of the vacancy and the city of Macaé in the title of the message, example: “Industrial Painter Macaé”, emails that are not properly identified in the subject field will be discarded. If you wish to apply for other jobs for offshore painters, you can go directly to the City's Department of Labor and Income and register directly there..

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