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25 platforms will hire in Macaé and Campos: STAY EXPERT!

Paulo Nogueira
18-10-2017 07:37:39
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offshore vacancies in many roles

Petrobras has opened a bid and 19 companies are fighting to win a contract for 25 platforms in the Campos Basin. There will be lots of offshore job openings!

[supsystic-social-sharing id='1′]25 offshore units are about to start a colossal contract never seen before in the history of the oil and gas industry in Macaé and Region. Not sensationalism, it's fact and it's about to happen! Petrobras is bidding for maintenance contracts for all these units in the Campos Basin in 3 lots and all participating companies submitted proposals last Friday (10/13). But our state-owned company promised to release the value of the contracts 15 after the closing of the bidding took place but so far nothing, frustrating companies that are anxious to start hiring. See also: Odebrecht is back in the game

Companies and Platforms

The companies that are bidding for the bid right now are: Rip, OEngenharia, Niplan, Mota Engil, MIP, Manserv, Imetame, Granenergia, G&E, Estrutural, Enesa, Enaval, Elos, Cobra, CSE, Belov, Alphatec, Saldimpiante and Sandong Kerui.
As for the huge amount of platforms that will be auctioned, you can check it out below divided into blocks.
The list was taken from the portal Petro- News:
Lot 1 - P-18, P-19, P-20, P-26, P-32, P-33, P-35, P-37 and P-47;
Lot 2 - P-09, P-12, PNA 1, PNA 2, PCH 1, PCH 2 and PPM 1;
Lot 3- PVM 1, PVM 2, PVM 3, PCP1/3, PCP 2, PGP 1, PPG 1, P-61 and P-63

Regarding the announcement of the winners, a precise date has not yet been established. The reason for this, according to Petrobras, is to first technically investigate the proposals, which will be studied beforehand, because at this stage the most affordable prices will be evaluated in accordance with the proposals made by the companies.

Will you be hired or relocated

The fact is that there will be a monstrous movement in the cities of Macaé and Campos in the coming days, there will be mass hiring of many professionals in the sector due to the maintenance of Campos Mature in the Campos Basin. Because of this, Petrobras decided to keep these platforms. At the end of this article there is a subscription box to receive news from the portal by e-mail as well, put your best contact there so that as soon as the name of the winning companies and the contracts are released, we will notify you immediately. Don't worry, we don't charge and we will never charge anything for this! Enjoy and take your offshore English course by clicking here.

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